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  • Install Visual Studio .NET 2002 in 64-bit Windows

    Does the error message say to get apps from the Windows Store? If so you will need to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro. Surface Laptops at the time shipped with a limited "S" version of Windows. The upgrade to Pro is now free, but you might need to get the latest feature update (1803 or 1809) to be eligible to perform the upgrade.

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  • BFeely commented on SHAMSUDHEEN MARAKKAR's instructable Emergency Power Bank1 year ago
    Emergency Power Bank

    Might you be able to stay miniature with SMD ceramic capacitors? Pretty sure the datasheet doesn't demand a big juicy electrolytic.

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  • BFeely commented on BFeely's instructable Install .NET Framework 1.0 on 64-bit Windows2 years ago
    Install .NET Framework 1.0 on 64-bit Windows

    It is now a lot easier to do the registry editor step, if you are on the Windows 10 Creators Update preview. They added an address bar to regedit.

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  • Modifying a Cheap Portable Cellphone Jammer

    You are quite right, and as such it is quite surprising that Autodesk (a huge US software company that owns Instructables) hasn't taken severe action against the author of this project for their willful disregard for RF interference law, and potentially for the health and safety of those within range of this illegal device.

    Even a private shop may tip off the Feds, especially if they deal with customers who come in with "broken" phones found to be working just fine, and those customers are clustered in a particular location. A phone shop will work to keep phones running, not help someone illegally shut them down.Keep in mind that Instructables is now owned by a major software company Autodesk, who is a member of the scary copyright group BSA. So certainly they have enough lawyers to know that allowing discussion of illegal activities is not the best idea.

    In such a case talk to your teacher. Even absent any specific rules regarding specific devices, there still should be a general clause regarding disruptive behavior.Stay away from jammers, as these days mobile phone companies are monitoring signal quality all the time for service anomalies, and will investigate anything that doesn't look right. A phone company actually busted a science teacher in Florida about a year and a half ago.

    The person who posted this instructable has a profile that says "Phoenix, AZ." They broke Federal law in three ways:* Importing a RF jammer.* Manufacturing a RF jammer (calibration might count).* Operating a RF jammer (unless this was done completely inside a "Faraday cage" to prevent stray emissions).Here is the official FCC webpage on the illegality of cell and GPS jamming:

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  • BFeely commented on mantis22's instructable How To Get AAAA BATTERIES OUT OF 9V2 years ago

    But Harbor Freight #92408 batteries do.

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  • Hacked Dollar Store Junk; Aka: Personalized Colour Shifting Nightlight.

    But would that junky plastic just glow blue and block out all the UV?Though many highlighter pigments do tend to be reactive to blue light too.

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