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  • Hi NukteMy temperature project is quite big. It has RTC, SD card, oled as well as connection to Nextion and WiFi to remote sensors. You're welcome to what I have but its not for real beginner. Suggest you send me your PM with what you are seeking.Will help in any way I canBob

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  • Hi Gideon,I think I found out how. - Make simple project with two pages.On each page put a number box. I have Page0 with n0 and Page1 with n1. Make both number boxes GLOBAL.Run debug. - whilst on page0 type instruction 'page1.n1,val=100' - I get error.BUT....... make both pages GLOBAL and type the instruction again and it works. Brilliant.You can even change other parameters like colours, pictures etc. Bob

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  • Hi Gideon,I have up to 6 WEMOS D1 mini clients sending temperature readings at 5 minute intervals to esp8266 server. I want to display: Sensor no., Date, Time, and Temperature on 3.5 inch Nextion (which I am awaiting delivery).On second Nextion page I want to add these readings to Waveform plots. I can do this with Nextion editor debug instruction 'add 1,0,25' - where 1 is the waveform id, 0 is the channel and 25 is the temperature. (This will then show temperature history for many hours). But it only works if the plot is on first page.It would be good to know how to push value/text of text, numbers and waveforms from Arduino/esp8266 using your simplified method to other pages.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks,Bob

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