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  • Ice Arch - 6' Freestanding

    I'm sure it would be. Before I made the arch I used the tubing to make rods of ice. I found they would break when just a little shear force was applied. I think the most difficult part of freezing it upside down would be putting it upright without breaking it. Elsewhere here ElectroFrank suggested using a large plywood board to stand the arch up, I think using your idea with ElectroFrank's would work great!

    Those are amazing! I love how with every change the rest of the structure immediately readjusts to new optimal positions. Thank you very much for sharing that link!

    I think using the large flat board to stand it up once it's frozen would work great! Elsewhere here FilipW suggested something similar, and I recommended including your plywood technique. The next time it goes below freezing here I'll try it as well.Thanks!

    That would be stunning, I completely agree!

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