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  • Don't bother 3D printing this. The accuracy of your printer will not be good enough. There is no point in printing a measuring tool unless it can be perfect.

    Actually, you have real CAD software at TechShop. Why fight with CorelDraw when you need exact dimensions?And I 100% I agree with lime3D. The laser cutter will cut all your vector cuts directly on your lines. In order to create this part correctly, you need to first create some test cuts in your material of choice. Then use a feeler gauge to measure the exact kerf (width) of the cut (which may also be affected by the power and speed settings, so be sure to record them). Then using a real CAD program like AutoCAD or Inventor (you have both at TechShop) create your drawing with real dimensions. Then offset the lines by 50% of the thickness you measured with the gauge.Save your CAD drawing as a DXF and bring it into CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator for cutting on the laser.

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  • Way too much work for minimal payoff. Just 3D print a holder for a cheap laser pointer, and put it in the ShopBot chuck.

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  • Seriously? This gets featured? C'mon editors, use your heads and some common sense.

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  • I haven't seen anything like this on Pintrest. Very beautiful, and very original. Nice job. You got my vote!

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