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  • example u see when u go to hospitals they say don't use cell because the cell phone can inter fear with device I am looking for the same effect on home pc not to harm but to get an effect ( out come)

    u know how every thing has a frequence well your device has a just able nob what I me is if ur dice was conned to something different that would allow electrons emit that would affect examples would be to shut a car off every one is trying emp device I beleave it to be more deeper it like effecting and internal clock u meat it's frequence and pull it the direction u won't so when I came a cross your device I was wondering what is the frequence rang 1 to ? psychological can I buyer ur device what is the price range

    if u know any thing about pc they have a international clock or harmic frequence your device has the capability to create the same thing in light form so I would like to know what frequence rang is ur device humid at

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  • hay I have a question if u have a pc in front of u and u turn the nob to a just to pc frequence what would u need to or for that to happen

    Can u stimulate a reaction to pc seeing ur a effecting frequence

    please email me

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