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  • Bellaizabella commented on makerjosh's instructable Metal Water Trough Planters2 years ago
    Metal Water Trough Planters

    Please do not forget to ground your soil with the earth put a grounding rod in the earth and attach a wire to it put the wire into your soil and you will be successful with growing your plants

    Suzie this is a great idea for the planters with growing your plants above ground but since the dirt won't be touching the ground you must put a metal rod in the ground with a low gauge wire attached to it and then just stuck into the soil of the planter this connects you to the earth and you will be amazed at what happens with your plants they will thrive beyond your imagination this is not a joke. Ck out the documentary called " the grounded " on YouTube your plants need to touch the earth and that's the way they will be grounded to the earth because humans lost touch with the earth when we put rubber soles on our shoes

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