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  • 3D Scan Anything Using a Camera  (Photogrammetry With Autodesk Remake)

    There are many ways to acquire 3D spatial data. Using photos has many benefits and some downfalls. As stated at the start of the article, it is not suitable for some objects/textures and for certain lighting conditions.Having said that, it is very cheap and very accessible. The results that can be produced are often more than accurate and detailed enough for the end user application.In my professional life, I use scanners, total stations, drones and cameras to acquire spatial data from objects as small as a 1m^3, to sites over 10km^2. No method is perfect or suited for every application.

    This is a pretty good guide and general enough that you could adapt most of it to photogrammetry as a whole and not just Remake. The only thing I would add is to include something to scale off of. A ruler is ideal for small models, a tape measure/a levelling staff for medium sized objects or referenced control points for the large stuff.

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  • BenR136 made the instructable Wood Carving Knife1 year ago
    Wood Carving Knife

    I made this today. It didn't go so well. Mostly due to my lack of skill.Gonna try again tomorrow. Lessons learned and all that.

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