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  • Model Glider Bungee Launcher

    OK! Thank you for the tip, I didn't know that. But I'm surprised by the hook being behind the center of gravity, I alwys read not to go behind the CG. Tomorrow I will back a bit the hook and try a softer sandow. I belive my 6 mm sandow is too powerful for a so light glider. I 'll let you know aboiut the next launches!

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  • BenjaminG42 commented on Frivolous Engineering's instructable Bungee Launcher3 years ago
    Bungee Launcher

    Hi, I'm trying to bungee launch a mini glider of 60g TAW ( anout 2 ounces) with that method. I use 8 m of fishing line and 3 meters of 6mm sandow. I stretch to 2 or 3 times the weight of the glider but I never can't get this climbing slope. instead my plane is accelerating for 2 or 3 meters and then releases the hook whimle she's only 1 meter height!How do you get this climbing slope on departre? By puling the stick?

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