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  • BlakeH28 commented on AlexTheGreat's instructable How to Make a RAILGUN!1 year ago
    How to Make a RAILGUN!

    those naval ships have engines that produce over 100,000 hp thats where they get the power

    no.. 33 gigajoules is 20 decimal places over to the right not 12. 3,300,000,000,000,000,000,000

    33 gigajoules is equal to 9166.666667 kwh. thats a fuckload of power buddy

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  • BlakeH28 commented on amalkhan's instructable How to Distill Water2 years ago
    How to Distill Water

    they need a like button. lol. Very well said. distilled water is for when you don't want mineral buildup or when your dealing with something electrical that CAN'T be allowed to conduct electricity. Distilled water is an insulator and tap water is a conductor

    lol i would be more worried about the fluorine. as stated above the chlorine evaporates almost immediately. arsenicradiumaluminiumcopperleadmercurycadmiumbariumthese are the most common elements found in tap water due to natural erosion of the earth. Chlorine is actually one of the good things you will find in your water. You go swimming right? In a pool? You will absorb more chlorine from your swim than you could possibly drink in your lifetime.

    everyone is scared of fluoride yet we brush our teeth with it every single day. lol Imagine that.

    everyone is scared of fluoride. I have a giant can of sodium fluoride that I use for making hydrofluoric acid. On the side is a huge skull and crossbones. Sad thing is that we brush our teeth with fluoride several times a day. Not to mention drink it. and the pesticides getting into the water? A large city like that if your on the city water supply then the water your drinking more than likely comes from 500 - 2000 ft not many pesticides are going to make it that far down. More than likely the water is nasty because of a break in a main somewhere and its pulling in dirt. Possibly a root has grown into the main? Might want to let them know whats going on.

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