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  • BobbyF21 commented on SANUKI UDON's instructable Lip synching Robot3 years ago
    Lip synching Robot

    Also tried swapping the const static byte to int with no luck (the 9 instead of an 8 is a mistake i changed it and it makes no diference)

    Having issues, if i wire it your way i am unable to make the circuit work. I rewired it to use tutorials with pictures and text. I worked out my pin out with setting low and highs and output or not to determine all the pins. This makes all other script work but for some reason when i change the const static byte cols to my pins it just turns on all led's. I have checked the polarity is not the wrong way around as if i swap them over some led are being powered on 2 rails and dim.// ROW side cathode , COLOMN side of the anodeconst static byte cols [9] = { 2,7,17,5,10,16,11,14};// 2-dimensional array of column pin numbers:const static byte rows [8] = { 9,8,4,3,15,13,12,6 };

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