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  • You know, call me crazy, but it looks like the nuts (both on the right and on the left) are truly not nuts in the proper sense of the word but rather integrated with the body.I tightened the whole assembly a bit (turned it clockwise about one-eighth of a turn and this seemed to have improved the situation, but only marginally.It does not leak at all when closed, by the way, but when you open it it does - not catastrophically, but still somewhat profusely (about a gallon ends up in that bucket underneath it within about 20 minutes it takes me to water the land around the house).Thanks again:)

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  • Thanks everyone!I just attached the picture, hopefully it is visible now. Had to do it in Firefox, Chrome just wouldn't do it for some reason.I does seem to be some sort of a gasket/packing issue. Any special type of packing material I should use? Anything special about replacing those?

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  • Thanks, I could - but if I am reasonably sure it is beyond what I can reasonably expect to complete successfully I'd rather just hire a pro. And given that it takes two people by all manuals I've seen I think I am gonna' just hire some pro's as I am gonna' have to hire a helper regardless - and if I am paying money for labor I may as well just hire people who would do the whole thing.

    Well, my skill set is average - not a pro, but generally I can do work on wood and metal and most of the time nothing catastrophic happens:) As for tools - I have some, could get others if need be.Here it sounds, going by the manuals, that at least two people are needed. Which likely means I am hiring somebody.

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