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  • Brian 1968 commented on sarahcd's instructable Marble Planets6 months ago
    Marble Planets

    Brilliant, I'm definitely going to give it a go.

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  • Brian 1968 commented on Jake_Makes's instructable Knife Out of a Sawzall Blade (no HT)2 years ago
    Knife Out of a Sawzall Blade (no HT)

    NoQuartyr thought the same as me!! I caught my glove in a belt sander a couple of days ago. The glove did its job and saved my fingers from any injury, but the glove was shredded on one of the fingers. I seem to remember not wearing a tie was one of the first things that we were told in the wood and metal workshops at school, I now think it was one of the few useful things that I learnt, along with technical drawing, geometry and trigonometry (who knew!!).

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  • Brian 1968 commented on seanmarsh's instructable Handmade knife without a forge3 years ago
    Handmade knife without a forge

    A good looking knife, I like the idea of using a sander held in a vice, I will definitely try that. I have made a few blades using old circular saw blades, but drilling the holes in the tang have been the problem, as the steel is very hard!! And I have had to resort to grinding groove from bath sides and punching a hole, obviously it isn't visible when the knife is finished, but it must reduce the strength.

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  • 31 Unusual Uses For Coconuts

    heat the wood sounds like a good idea. Do you apply the polish while the wood is hot? How hot should the wood be and does it vary on which wood it is? Bet you wish you hadn't mentioned it!!

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  • 31 Unusual Uses For Coconuts

    coconut oil is also very good as part of a wood polish. I melt pure beeswax, add coconut oil. When it melts clear, take off the heat (an old pan in another pan of boiling water) then add olive oil and pour into an old jar and allow to cool. It takes a couple of goes to estimate the quantities. The polish should be easy to wipe out of the jar with a soft cloth, though I find it easier with my fingers. Rub liberally onto the sanded wood surfaces, allow to soak in in a warmish room for about an hour and polish, beautiful.

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