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  • Did you do any tests? If not then you are quoting a suspect source? I did many experiments back in the 70's. Some ran for years and I never saw it didn't work. A lot of skeptics love to be skeptics, but they are not scientists

    But, when the tests have been done the pyramid works. Just because it is on Wikipedia does not make it true. A lot of skeptics write in Wikipedia, but they are not scientists and they data mine to get an article. I kept a peice of meat in a pyramid for about five years. It never smelled rotten, but became very dry. I took it out of the pyramid and it started to smell in a week.

    Did you do the tests to disporve?

    I used the same razor blade for years. It will not sharpen dull blades as some of the tests that "disprove" it, but it will keep your blade cutting if you don't let it get too dull.

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