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  • BrianT1 commented on missdw's instructable Cat Emergency Kit

    Sorry - forgot the link to the Amazon item (no, it's not an affiliate link, and I don't sell it. Posted merely for your convenience if you're interested.)

    In an emergency (or other strange situation) you cat will want a place of her own to hide/sleep. This could be a simple grocery/shpping bag, or pick up the collapsible folding hidey-thing shown in this photograph (Amazon, $13.50). It won't fit in the emergency tub, of course, but it's easily thrown in with your other gear.

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  • BrianT1 commented on scooters2's instructable Kristins Teardrop

    I admit that the teardrop shape is cute, but on a practical note I can never grasp the sacrifice of the space imposed by the curved roof compared to what a box trailer would provide on the same frame base (to say nothing of the added difficulties of construction with the curves). I've illustrated this with yellow lines in this picture. (Please, someone, don't say it's more aerodynamic. On trailers this size that really isn't a consideration.) Especially with small trailers, every cubic inch of space is precious with none to waste (in my opinion), especially if you contemplate ever using it to bug out and see you through an emergency..

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  • The term "plastic" is used in different ways to refer to many different materials, some of which are degradable, and others of which are not. Yes, everything will ultimately degrade, but I don't call a water bottle that takes 200 years to disintegrade "biodegradable." Scientists weren't talking about the type of "plastic" in this instructable..

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  • This is a hilarious project - and not just for Halloween. I'm going to put it in the guest bathoom next time my MIL comes to visit.

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  • Ingenious, DHagen! I would recommend going ahead and spray-painting the black set and I'll tell you why. Expert chest players subconsciously recognize and analyze the visual patterns of the pieces on the board, and your color scheme would certainly interfere with that.

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