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  • You are simply lying about an Electrical Code Inspector approving your Do-It-Yourself-Wrong lighting system. My expertise is Master Electrician doing commercial and residential for over 30 years. The code violation is simply the improper installation of home made light fixtures that are NOT code approved Listed & Labeled UL Approved luminaries.

    No, you are wrong. Only part of the circuit is 12 VDC. The other part of the circuit is the 110 VAC power supply that converts 110 VAC to 12 VDC. Low Voltage circuits can cause a fire just as easily as 110 VAC. Don't believe me: put a metal jumper wrench across the terminals of your 12 VDC car battery. You are using the mindless illogical argument of "a Red Herring". You are not responding to the comments I made. The Do-It-Yourself-Wrong wiring project is NOT the installation of a code approved Listed & Labeled UL approved light fixture system.

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  • "safe and legal" wiring - ahem - Please invite your homeowner's insurance agent over to inspect your work. Please invite your city's Electrical Inspector over to inspect your work. Your wiring and your lighting are more code violations than I can count. If you value your family's life and you want your homeowner's insurance to pay for fire damage, then you must only use UL Listed & Labeled light fixtures.

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  • Great Job! Fantastic looking final product, but a lot of work. Next time you might try Muriatic Acid for super fast rust removal. You can buy Muriatic Acid at any building supply store. It is used by bricklayers to clean the mortar slop off bricks. You must wear eye and skin protection. You must work on a limestone gravel driveway. The limestone gravel is an acid neutralizer. You simply paint on the Muriatic Acid with a paint brush and let the acid do all the work. It works very fast. Then you rinse off with water and the acid is neutralized by the gravel driveway.

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  • BrightSolderJoints followed soldering, life-hacks, sensors, arduino and 14 others channel