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  • Forged Damascus Chain Knife - Drop Point Hunter

    Nice work. I like seeing knives made from different sources.

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  • BrockGrimes commented on Case's instructable DIY Climbing Hand Holds2 years ago
    DIY Climbing Hand Holds

    You can create molds with texture just using wet sand in a container, instead of clay. Make your shape and pour in your mold material. If you want extra grip look into grip tape used on skateboards.

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  • Inexpensive garage lights from LED strips

    You could use metal muffler tape, it's thicker than most metal tapes, obviously good for heat, not expensive. They make rolls of heat sink tape used to bond heat sinks to cpu's. This combination could have many benefits. Heat reduction, longer life, and the metal/foil tape is reflective so extra light dispersion. Makes one think of the possible uses beyond lighting just overhead, cabinets, etc.I've used PC power supplies to run many things, like my garage radio aka old car stereo parts. Nice build.

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  • Scratch Build an RC Car with CAD and Rapid Prototyping

    A few have taken cans or other thin metal and made bodies to get that real body damage look while crawling. I've been into rc crawlers from the beginning but into RC's since well.......... now i'm starting to feel old, LOL.

    They make a Plastic model I believe it's 1/8th scale if you want to build a larger version. I believe in 32 and 27 model years and coupee different styles.

    Nice work bud. On the axle gears double check but I believe the ax10 has the same internal gears and you can use the open diff gears from the front axle, in the rear for an open diff scx10.

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