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  • CADaniels commented on CADaniels's instructable Beginner's Stryfe Modification2 years ago
    Beginner's Stryfe Modification

    Good catch! Thanks, I fixed the guide.

    Nope! This mod just makes the trigger a smoother pull and takes out some locks that could cause jamming.

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  • How to Make CADaniels' Leg Magnetic Attachment Point (LMAP Mk. III)

    My apologies for not seeing this sooner! The grip is very strong. In all my time wearing it, I haven't dropped the blaster once. The pull is firm enough that it takes a small effort to remove the blaster, but not so strong that it would slow you down. As for lengthening, there's no real reason why you couldn't do that. But I made one of these for a friend of mine, and he uses it to hold a Stryfe with sock and barrel attachment. The attachments don't impede the usability at all. It's really up to you.

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