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  • CapnHowdy commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable Unusual Uses for Mouthwash3 years ago
    Unusual Uses for Mouthwash

    I've been in the piercing industry for 18 years. The only time I (and the Association of Professional Piercers) recommend you use mouthwash, is for the aftercare of oral piercings--and then only if it's alcohol-free. We do not recommend the use of astringents for any other piercings as they can damage new skin cells, be irritating, and are not intended for long term wound care.Instead, try using a warm, mild saline solution. Mix 1/4 teaspoon non-iodized sea salt with 8 oz of warm water. Soak your piercings for at least 5 minutes twice per day. Do not over-salt the solution. Hypersalinity will dry out the skin. It is the heat of the water that will draw out any possible infection and clean the piercing. For further instructions, check out the APP

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