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  • Arduinolyzer.js: Turn Your Arduino Into a Logic Analyzer

    Nope, you're right, I just realized I never uploaded the code, and forgot about Instructables. Code uploaded.

    Added tarball!

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  • Hi There! Since the communication to the device is via SPI, there really isn't much to fuss with. If the code works fine on a Nano but not a DUE, that's weird. You don't happen to have a logic analyzer (like a Salae)? The only thing I can think of is that the defaults for the SPI lib are different between the DUE and nano/uno (or there is a different codepath that is #define changed in the SPI lib... I've never looked but had I2C issues like that in the past), but it seems like you've explicitly set up the object. You're on the right track, if the JEDEC ID is wrong then that eliminates a lot of DUT-side stuff. Sorry I can't offer more help. I'd logic-analyze CS/CLK/MOSI/MISO behavior on the Nano then see if it is the same on the Due.

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