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  • Chelsey Patterson commented on craftvideos's instructable How to Make Paper Gift Bag3 years ago
    How to Make Paper Gift Bag

    We shoulduse paper purse instead of plastic carryalls. It is not only very helpful forthe environment, but it also reduces the burden from your pocket. You can dothis by drawing a rectangle around the gift on a piece of scrap paper andthen measuring the gift's height. Stack books until the side of thebook stack is the size of the rectangle you drew or larger. Also usingsome other ways you can make these paper gift bags. Before some days I hadordered these bags from Global Store Supply, Inc. They provided me best productwith very good price.

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  • Chelsey Patterson commented on girlsinthehall's instructable Tame those shopping bags3 years ago
    Tame those shopping bags

    Thanks for this nice post. Shopping bags plays a major role now a day. And most of bags effect badly on environment. That's why everyone should use Paper Shopping Bags everywhere. Before some days I bought These types of bag from Global Store Supply, Inc. They provided me best product with very low price.

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