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  • Chillistarr commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt1 year ago
    Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt

    Hehe, was wondering how far I would have to read down till someone mentioned Matthias' method. Helpful way of keeping the flutes straight too.

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  • Chillistarr commented on LeDesordre's instructable Cold Brew Coffee3 years ago
    Cold Brew Coffee

    My guess as to the origin of that idea would be that the sooner after roasting and grinding, the more CO2 will still be present in the structure of the coffee, so this may result in less water being absorbed in the short term...and therefore lower extraction of the soluble compounds that you want in your finished beverage! So probably trying for lower absorbtion is counter-productive. In any event, brewing for the length of time we are talking here would likely give ample time for the water to soak in regardless of how fresh your ground coffee is... next batch I roast I'll give it a try right after roasting and again a few days later, see if I can detect a difference in volume or flavour, and try and remember to post back here...

    Been doing cold brew coffee for almost as long as I've been roasting beans (actually really easy and great fun to do as well, and impossible to get a fresher cup...) but I really like the ideas for both double filtering and for supporting the brewing container while draining out, thanks very much for the inspiration!

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