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  • ChrisC203 commented on More Cowbell's instructable Easy Generator to Home Hook Up5 months ago
    Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

    A manual transfer switch is really better than this example. The manual transfer switch prevents someone from accidentally switching breakers in the wrong order and causing a problem. It allows critical circuits to be powered and helps prevent human error. As for the cost difference...well personally speaking...I think my family is worth the few extra dollars.

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  • ChrisC203 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt8 months ago
    Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt

    After you make the threads put a few drops of cyanoacrylic (super glue) in the hole. It will harden the threads. Run the tap again after the glue hardens to clean up the threads. Repeat a couple of times and you will have good threads in wood.

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  • Disaster Preparedness Pack V3.14159265....

    After you make a bag and you think you have the essentials, try taking it out for a couple of days in the woods and test the things you picked. I have made more than one revision to what I thought I would really need. Changed some things, removed some and added some. I think it's better to try things out when it isn't a real emergency and find out they don't work as advertised than when your life might depend on them. Just saying....

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  • Turn Your Old 2.5'' Or 3.5'' Hard Drive Into Portable

    Trick question...It may not be initialized. It may not have a drive letter assigned to it or it might be failed. You might need to ask your favorite geek for a little help.

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