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  • Cleareye10. commented on Owen Geiger's instructable How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses2 years ago
    How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses

    People have to demand that local government butt out of the building code and enforcement business. Let individuals decide for themselves what they want and how to build it. We would have real communities that way, not the fake, look alike subdivisions controlled like condominium complexes.In fact, our insurance companies should be holding the bag on code enforcement. They should come to your house, look it over and offer a price to insure. The city should not be involved in the risk.

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  • Cleareye10. commented on seamster's instructable Impossible Nail in Wooden Block2 years ago
    Impossible Nail in Wooden Block

    Cut the nail in half, insert into drilled holes using 90 angle adapter on your drill.

    Drill the big holes, finish the wood, drill the small nail hole the size of the nails using a 90 degree adapter, insert the half nails in those holes.

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  • Bending PVC pipe - Just because you can

    All of these methods sound pretty cool, but why doesn't someone simple make a heated, expandable coil that you could insert into the pipe, turn it on, and while it's heated properly, bend to a desired shape?

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