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  • Cole-Slaw commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Duct Tape1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Duct Tape

    I wish i had some pictures.Back in college my friend and i recieved some packages from online purchases, they often came with packing peanuts. Packing peanuts are kind of terrible to get rid of, so i decided to repurpose them, we slowly filled a large garbage bag with peanuts. When it was full, wrapped the entire thing in duct tape, leaving the top /opening opened. I packed them as much as i could, crushing and grinding them. (To keep the bean bag chair from going flat in the future. I jammed more in and wrapped the chair as tight as i Could. Wah-lah, gome made easily repairable bean bag chair. All it takes is some use to let it soften up. I just used straight up grey tape, but one could use colors to make something more asthetically pleasing.

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  • Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs.

    you could add more of a base, but that would add more of a tripping hazard, you need the 'foot' to be able to roatate to conform to the ground your walking on, if you go too long, and didnt pick your foot up high enough, you may go down.... As far as balance, i've been using these under a costume at the haunted house i work at, i've gotten pretty decent at walking on them, i can jump a little, spin, run, etc, but you gotta be careful, and standing still for more than a couple seconds isnt a possibility, and it IS a leg work out. they may take a little work to get really comfortable and conformed to your legs. You wont be able to take full strength jumps in these, but hopping around a little is ok. Just make sure your crimps are strong.

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