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  • ColinS48 commented on kaptaink_cg's instructable Build a Paintball Mine3 years ago
    Build a Paintball Mine

    Our neighbourhood had a string of break-ins and it was my intention to catch the thieves red handed or red faced. I used the concept but with a twist. I attached it on a wall out facing, chest height and used a spring trip wire which I ran down the wall and across the path. I also used a red acrylic paint which would probably not wash out so easily. I also use a square washer on the inside and outside of the plunger cap so that the plastic would not tear with the spring action. Also I needed to plug the nozzles with some tape so the paint would not run out. It has since gone off and some of the paint was on the opposite boundary wall, so I presume the rest is in some guys waist basket on his hopefully expensive jacket. Thank you again for a great concept.

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