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  • Kill a Wasp Inside Your Home

    Only want to add tha all currently sold "office" canned air sprays have a chemical bitterant that normally stays in the can when used upright, but is released when used upside down. This can be quite nasty indoors.

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  • How to Build a Simple But Powerful Flyback Driver

    This power level is what I use to demonstrate destructive capabilities of these, vaporizing an inch of hotdog per second.Imagine large cratering wounds..

    Electro magnet efficiency drops rapidly as frequency increases. Eddy currents and induction impedance make losses go through the roof. Stick to. DC electro magnets..

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  • Must find transistors rated above 2,500 volts and voltage quenched primary ( usually a high voltage spark gap). Primary will have to be above 50 turns per half,, and be ready to die if you get to confident...

    Bring your zener back to 10-15 volts. This will bring your gate voltage to a safer level and reduce transition time which is where most of transistor heating comes from.

    The hot inductors are normal and are the limiting factor for power and run time. The answer is to use winding wire sized for the current 12 gauge wire will generally handle 15 to 20 amps in this application but overlapping windings and ventilation at major factors as well as the frequency of operation, (resonant circuits can have unusually high circulating currents even more than the input). About the cores, I don't have a color code list, but there are several types. One to avoid is metal powder (not ferrite) which is used for noise suppression only, if you file some paint off and the inside is shinny metal don't use for this application.

    Rectified? Halogen xformers don't always output DC, and fast acting diodes are usually needed because these generally operate above 25 kHz.

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  • This hot negative effect is well known in welding. The negative lead melts the rod or wire onto the cooler surface. And welding over head or vertical, reversed polarity is used to avoid this dripping but usually requires more power and shorter arc lengths.Electrons leave a surface at a smaller point than when they return due to mutual repulsion.This effect was used in the early days for (inefficient) rectification of high voltages, by supplying AC to a sharp point over a larger surface, before better methods were developed.And as different as Peltier devices are from this, they to, depend on electrons losing or gaining energy between contact surfaces, as well as thermal couples.

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