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  • DanYHKim commented on sun.'s instructable Lavender Oil Printed Shirt6 weeks ago
    Lavender Oil Printed Shirt

    This is a really unique project, and it is very well documented. Your instructions are clear and complete, and your photos are very well done.Toner is, I think, a kind of fine plastic dust, which is heat-fused onto paper. It has a static electric charge, which allows it to be temporarily stuck to the paper inside the printer before fusing. I imagine that the oil is able to penetrate the paper fibers enough to loosen the adhesion enough to make some of the toner particles transfer to the fabric.I never would have thought of this kind of application. I like it a lot, and now must think of something that I wish to transfer to cloth.

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  • DanYHKim commented on jcbuchli's instructable Cedar Strip Kayak3 months ago
    Cedar Strip Kayak

    This is really beautiful.Years ago, I read an article in "Wooden Boat" magazine on making a stripper. Your Instructable is every bit as good as that magazine article.

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  • DanYHKim commented on DanYHKim's instructable PVC Seed Spacer4 months ago
    PVC Seed Spacer

    Thanks. But then I'd be re-inventing the seed drill. I thought of doing something like that, but it seemed to be a bit much for the very small area that I was planting. If I decide to plant a larger plot, though, I will work up a more standard seeder, using a wheel-actuated mechanism.

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  • DanYHKim's instructable Sliding Dovetail Geta's weekly stats: 4 months ago
    • Sliding Dovetail Geta
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  • DanYHKim's instructable PVC Seed Spacer's weekly stats: 4 months ago
    • PVC Seed Spacer
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  • DanYHKim commented on DanYHKim's instructable Sliding Dovetail Geta4 months ago
    Sliding Dovetail Geta

    They are best on dirt. I use them in my garden, and in my chicken yard. The cleats sink into the soil a bit, absorbing some of the shock. They also keep my feet above the chicken manure, which is a strong selling point for me.On pavement, they are a shock to the feet, and are kind of clumsy. They also make a lot of noise!

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  • DanYHKim entered Sliding Dovetail Geta in the Woodworking Contest contest 4 months ago
  • DanYHKim commented on Barely Painted's instructable Power Bank Inside a USB Cable4 months ago
    Power Bank Inside a USB Cable

    The space inside a USB cable could be used to hold a Flash drive set up to boot up a LInux operating system. It would make a good 'hidden' boot drive. If you are traveling internationally, and carry a laptop, the computer could be set up with Windows and have only innocuous files in it (and not set up with any of your online logins). This would satisfy any Customs officials, who might want to run your computer and check your social media and other online presence. Then, when you want to do anything personal, you plug in your 'USB cable' to boot up to a LInux system with all of your appropriate credentials and incriminating documents.

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  • DanYHKim commented on katyfarm's instructable Hand Hay Baler11 months ago
    Hand Hay Baler

    There are a number of YouTube videos showing this type of baler at work. They all look like they work well, and produce a good bale. I have used the same design to make bales for my Fall leaves. I save the bales in my garden, and add them to my compost whenever I need to balance off high-nitrogen materials.

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  • DanYHKim commented on Fibulas's instructable Standing Gel Electrophoresis Chamber11 months ago
    Standing Gel Electrophoresis Chamber

    I once made a Western blotter using graphite motor brushes as the electrodes. Usually, we see these items in very small sizes, but some motors are huge, and so very large plates of graphite can be obtained from some parts suppliers. It worked quite well.

    I have found that graphite pencil 'leads' can be used as electrophoresis electrodes. There are leads, sometimes called 'engineering leads', used in mechanical drafting pencils. Here's the description of one from Amazon:Staedtler Mars Carbon Lead, 12 x 2mm, HB (200-HB) Depending on the hardness of the lead, the rod will contain more or less graphite, which affects conductivity. The standard number 2 lead worked well for me.

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  • DanYHKim commented on Wood Review's instructable How to Make a Coffin2 years ago
    How to Make a Coffin

    There's this from the NY Times:"Ashes to Ashes, but First a Nice Pine Box""It’s pretty much impossible to feel anger at someone for driving too slowly in front of you in traffic when you’ve just come from sanding your own coffin."

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