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  • I think you might have problems with the mall handle striking the edge of your cage. I came up with a similar concept awhile back by using two car tires stacked and bolted together. You simply drop in the log and strike it as many times as needed to get the size kindling needed. The tires hold the wood pieces in place preventing the user from chasing them all over the place when they split.

    In addition, the edges of the tires make a good cushion to prevent damage to the mall handle.

    A suggested modification to your design might be to attach a motorcycle tire around the upper frame. It would provide some protection for the mall handle should too much force be used on the downward stroke. Call it Mod 1. ;p)

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  • I would take it slow and dip the knife in cold water to keep the metal cold. Just my suggestion.

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  • A suggestion. Use one of the Harbor Freight foot switches to activate your saw. They sell two styles; one a momentary contact that activates the circuit as long as your foot presses down on the pad and the other a on/off version that turns power on when you step on it and power off when you step on it again. Just a thought. Nice project by the way. I never thought about getting one of the portable saws but I have now changed my mind.

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  • Dan__Crocker commented on Super_seal's instructable DIY summer dress

    Very well thought out and expertly instructed. I have to say though that the dress only looks as good as it does because of the hot girl wearing it. ;p)

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