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  • DaniD3 commented on comodore's instructable How to Make an Electronic Metronome3 years ago
    How to Make an Electronic Metronome

    thank u bro i am searching this ckt for long time as i forgot the word metronome .now i am going to build it .I need another favor ,.in this circuit we are using a pot for adjusting the tempo. can we adjust it with tap tempo switch or something ,.i use yamaha psr i425 keyboard in it to set the tempo we use a switch named tap tempo in it ,.i like that style of setting input ,.it will be also useful for selecting the right tempo that i needif it is possible please give me circuit to give input like i need this will be useful for thousands of musiciansthanks in advanceif u already know that style please send me or text me at ill send video of that tap tempo

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