• World First! DIY Real 4k (UHD) Beam Projector

    AlbertG49... the 12.5" bumhee34 tried to make on the link you send, has not the quality of this 10.1" for what i read...... besides that it doesnt has a clear explanation (step by step and dwg) to build ... and sadly is not in english ='( - - pretty hard to work with that- -Thanks anyways for the link! If somebody knows where i can find the LCD 10.1", to follow this amazing diy post, please help us! I already contact some sellers but i got nothing (out of stock)

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  • DavidG492 commented on dr_phil's instructable Arduino-controlled HDMI switch3 years ago
    Arduino-controlled HDMI switch

    Hello thanks for sharing all this; i have question can u point me in the right direction; i want yo make and hdmi switcher but 12x1. 12 In 1 out. Its posible ? . Thanks for any help

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