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  • DebE8 commented on Joyful Daisy's instructable HOW TO PLAN A FUN TREASURE HUNT3 years ago

    These clues were so awesome. It appears you only had one group working together. How would you do it if you had more than one group - 5-7 groups - going out. They couldn't take the new clue with them for the end puzzle. I don't want them running into each other. I could have them start at different intervals. I could have color groups and the group takes their color clue, but they are really all the same clue. There would just be different color envelopes with the clues in them. So do you have some suggestions? Deborah

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  • Unconventional Easter Egg Hunts

    You have some great ideas. My problem is I will be having 7 groups of 2-3- The areas is also limited to my house, yard and immediate neighborhood. Do I make 7 different hunts? A lot of work. Same hunt and clues but each group has different colored eggs. But I don't want groups constantly running in to each other and seeing where the eggs are. Have groups start at different points in the hunt. Send groups off at different time intervals - but I don't want it to take all night. I was figuring on about 10 clues. Could have # of eggs found is the winner or the best time. Do you have any suggestions?Deborah

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