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  • Universal Stand-alone Filament Spool Holder (Fully 3D-printable)

    Umm, please don't use vegetable oil as a lubricant. Preferably NO lube is good, but vegetable oil for this application is a special kind of evil. It will only take about 2 months to oxidize, which means that it will be a sticky, gummy mess. Unfortunately, mineral lubricants are a necessary evil, albeit a notch less. You can't prevent that from reaching the nozzle, and believe me, it DOES affect the material properties. I know how to lubricate it, but I can't handle the paperwork. Too many NDAs to pass around.

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  • Regarding the shoes - and socks. Molten metal is understandably dangerous, and the Rule is, if it can happen, it will. Wear boots that your jeans can cover the tops of. From personal experience during my youth, weld spatter bounced and landed inside my low-top leather shoes. I still have the scar. Cotton socks will char. Polyester, or any synthetic, will melt - into your skin, compounding an already bad situation.Even for small pours, we pour a ring of sand around the mold beforehand. If the mold leaks, it's stopped before you become tethered to a wheelchair.

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  • Just bake it. Most people can't buy hydrogen peroxide at that concentration anyway. Any temperature between 225 and 400 degrees is fine. Peroxides leave nasties behind. Steam regeneration is common but they go up to 900 with a controlled cooldown. It stinks, so winter isn't the best time to do it.

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