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  • DiC9 commented on push_reset's instructable Intro to LED Strips2 years ago
    Intro to LED Strips

    nice instructable,1 thing i dont get; i got 20meters ws2811 led strip 12v 60lpm, and when i calculate i come up with a needed powersupply of 12v 72 amps!!!?as far i understood; each 5050led consumes 60milli-amp; 20milli-amp per color, so full bright white 60 when i sum up: 60 lpm * 60 milli-amps = 3600 milli-amps is 3,6 amp per meterso for 20 meter: 3,6 amp * 20 meter = 72 amps @ 12vdc = 864 wattsam i right or wrong?linkt to bought led strip per 5 meters * 4: in advance, chris

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