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  • This is a very nice and popular recipe in India. Good job! :)

    And I only keep sugar for last because my parents have diabetes so I strain their tea and then add sugar to the remaining tea for myself, and in their cups I add Equal (sugar-free) :)

    Ninchen, both ways are correct. Some people do add milk last, but It's good to add milk right at the beginning because then you can see the end result and colour and switch off the flame when u get the desired colour and flavour. When u don't put milk right at the beginning, u need exact measurements and can't improvise much as u get confused because u have not added the main ingredient yet and so the entire duration it's a mystery what it's going to look like once u add the milk. There is no difference in taste either ways, so go for whichever is comfortable to u :)

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  • It's the Non-Indians do it, not Indians. Have u ever seen or heard and Indian calling it Chai Tea? That would like saying Tea tea and would be very silly!

    Now where did this R in Masala come from? First, non-Indians call it Chai tea which is like saying Tea tea, and now you spell Masala as Marsala! This is silly n annoying!

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