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  • Donmattie commented on botdemy's instructable IoT RPi LED Message Board 2 years ago
    IoT RPi LED Message Board

    Hi Botdemy,What a great project!I am quit new to Raspberry pi programming.I am using the latest Jessie distro on my raspberry.Now I am stuck during the pizmq installalation.Python3 installed, Apache2 seems to work, MAX7219 drivers installed.I've seen the examples letters om my 8x8 LED.I've seen python test message on the website.But during the install of the PiMzq server/client I get: Forbidden, permission denied.I've tried sudo chown pi:pi /var/www/html/msg.pysudo chmod 755 /var/www/html/msg.pysudo chmod 777 /var/wwwNo clue what I am doing. Also copied to: /usr/lib/cgi-bin.Please can you help me.Thanks in advance.

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