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  • Alternative Photography - Printing Photos on Objects

    One more question. Will the fabric (cotton, silk) stay soft after whole process?How should I treat it to save picture in a good condition, if it is developed on a cloth?Regards, D

    How to develop and fix a photograph for example on the wall.Should I pre - coat wall first, wait until it get dry, than just brush both emulsions straight on the wall, first, to develop and than second to stop the process?Can I use as an exposer - enlarger the slide projector with negative slide?I am looking forward to hearing from you. I can not wait to start the trial.Generally your instruction is clear, I got it even with my still not perfect English and make me feel very excited. For a very long time I was looking for way to develop photos on different surfaces, fabrics, space objects. Thank you for this tutorial. If I succede I`ll send you photo.Many Regards, Dorota

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