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  • Drtim1 commented on The Oakland Toy Lab's instructable Splitting Water the Easy Way2 years ago
    Splitting Water the Easy Way

    About 1986 I used electrolysis to product H2 and O2, I put the H2 into an innertube and used medical oxygen tubing to transfer the H2 to my Lawn mower and it worked enough to mow my lawn then, for additional power I used some of the O2.

    The Hindenberg was filled with Hydrogen, it did not explode it burned.

    As you know O2 only assists the burning. It does not burn. Liquid O2 with a carbon bar is a useful comertial explosive used to make tunnels in Switzerland.


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  • Drtim1 commented on solobo's instructable Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist3 years ago
    Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist

    This tree in style with many of the tree huggers that have tatoos of piercings. Maybe this fellow in in tune with what his tree requested, get off the anthropomorphic idiocy and enjoy. How many trees and other plants had to die for each of you to have lived this long

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  • Drtim1 commented on randofo's instructable Prank Box3 years ago
    Prank Box

    yes, he got a trip to the whitehouse not the BIG house where he belongs

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