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  • EddieK16 commented on jrytlews's instructable Wood Burning Sauna DIY2 years ago
    Wood Burning Sauna DIY

    nice I dea, like it!

    I've used wood saunas in Finland where they were internal. never heard of a problem. I suppose as Finns use them like crazy as a nation there must be some level of annual incidents ?

    What he is saying is if you have doubts about CO you would not use such a sauna. you wouldn't take the risk, hence never having a CO monitor. All the Finnish saunas I have been in, are very well ventilated, and the process of dousing the first Loyll of water (excuse spelling) eliminates any remaining embers.

    Ok Finn's other experienced people, do you need the vapour barrier? i was planning lumber of some sort outside, cedar or pine inside? seems to me the sauna will be steamy, but for couple hours after the sauna is done it'll still be hot, also would the vapour barrier not actually hinder a drying out process? Lastly if not using vapour barrier is rock wool sufficient insulation, or something else?? thanks m

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