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  • EmanuelM35 commented on 陳亮's instructable Select Color Display for ESP321 year ago
    Select Color Display for ESP32

    I bought a IPS130-v2.0 display that has CS connected to GND. I connected the LCD to a PIC24 (inferior uC than ESP32).I had trouble to start the display, but searching in the internet I found that I had to use SPI mode 3. The LCD started to work.So, basically I make a reset in the beggining (read datasheet) then next I use only SPI_DAT and SPLI_CLK. If I destroy the sequence touching with an oscilloscope, the LCD stops to understand the sequence DAT/CLK and I have to make another reset.Those 2 pins must be dedicated to the display, otherwise the display will get confused without the CS pin. One DAT/CLK to LCD and another DAT/CLK to I2C. Hope this answer your question Stoppi71.

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