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  • EricaB34 commented on craftknowitall's instructable How to Make Crystal Egg Geodes3 years ago
    How to Make Crystal Egg Geodes

    I went to Kroger & bought the cheapest school glue I could find, so it was not Elmer'S brand but it worked. We also tried plastic eggs & real shells. I'm trying to download the pictures now from my phone

    the crystals will still grow with Elmers glue, my son is currently doing this as a science fair project. the glue has to be completely dried before putting in the alum solutions and also make sure that while the glue is wet you COVER it with alum. We did variables and it will not grow crystals if the alum powder is not on there. The solution takes about 3 days to see the crystals but they will begin growing up & out. we have now been growing them almost 2 weeks (His project is due Monday) & the solutions is almost gone. Try it again its really cool & experiment with colors, different dyes and mixing colors

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