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  • EternalW commented on framistan's instructable Repair Your Clogged Coffee Maker3 years ago
    Repair Your Clogged Coffee Maker

    Working w/ Capresso CoffeeTeam G6, model 464. Burr grinder works fine, coffee moves thru channel, but then there's a click & no water moves anywhere to do anything, no water sounds, nothing...just that click. In dealing w/ other appliances, sounds like it's the circuit board. A clogged up or downspout would make some kind of noise, wouldn't it? Tried it on Grind/Brew & Brew alone & both exhibited same response. These Capresso machines are pricey, as well as difficult as all get out to get into. Sadly, this is our second in about 4 years, but it makes awesome coffee w/out going totally coffee snob & spending several hundred bucks.

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