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  • EwenF2 commented on SimonAndYou's instructable Self-amplified Guitar15 days ago
    Self-amplified Guitar

    Also, you should attach a wire between ground and the case of each potentiometer to reduce hum. Of course, you need one of these circuits for each pickup.

    The distance between frets comes about because each fret raises the pitch of the string by one semitone; this is a ratio of the twelfth root of 2, or 1.059.To multiply the frequency by 1.059, you have to divide the string length by 1.059. Re-arranging the formula gives the number 17.817 to divide the distance from bridge to fret to get distance to next fret

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  • EwenF2 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals 8 months ago
    How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals

    If the corrosion is caused by potassium hydroxide, which is an alkali and comes from alkaline batteries, why do you call it acid and talk about neutralising it with vinegar, which is also an acid? Since it is alkaline, you cannot neutralise it with baking soda, which only reacts with acids.

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