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  • Fiernocht commented on drj113's instructable A Universal RFID Key

    The only way that it is similar is that they both use RFID but, most credit cards do not use RFID because it is so insecure. Credit/debit cards use Pin and Chip technology which requires the card to be inserted much like the magnetic swipe, as the information is read from the chip. However, if the card reader is compromised, you are out of luck. Also. This tech is more similar to the RFID implants you have on your pets or it is exactly like those cards you see at low security doctors offices and what not.

    it's not a reader at all.. It's a transmitter. you have to manually input the data into it. However, as far as I know it's legal status is a grey area

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  • Just like some people are saying, learn to protect your router. 1 password protect it, 2 set it to the highest encryption your devices can handle ie WPA2 and AES encryption. 3 Ban any unauthroized MAC addresses on connection, 4 and final, Hide your SSID, by default it broadcasts to everyone

    Eh, those cheap routers are usually crud. and even if you use a 25 char password, it can still be 1 brute forced easily with nested computing and 2 doesnt need brute forced at all as it can be stolen with aircrack.... might take ages of listening in, but it can be done, even on WPA2 which is not an encryption algo but a security protocol. it is AES that is the encryption algo.

    There is no need to "hack" a normal router to secure it. you just connect to it's web based config page and set the settings.. Also, $50 bucks is not "expensive" at all for a normal router in the USA. you will easily pay $80 to $100 for a normal router. only time you pay less than $60 is if you want to get a POC Dynex router that is just -shakes head- and it's not good to mislead people with the title... no matter how attractive your workmate thinks it would be.

    and hide your SSID so most script kiddies wont even know you exist.

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