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  • G-Nasty commented on cannalove's instructable How to Decarboxylate Cannabis2 years ago
    How to Decarboxylate Cannabis

    Thanks for the clairification. I made the incorrect assumption wax and parchment paper were the same.

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  • G-Nasty commented on cannalove's instructable How to decarboxylate cannabis2 years ago
    How to decarboxylate cannabis

    I've been wondering this too! The moisture in the butter may inhibit decarb. However, I'd bet using clarified butter (ghee) would do the trick of decarb as this type of butter contains no water.

    You can put it in a turkey bag in the oven. This will help to reduce, but not eliminate smell. As an added bonus, you can recover any resins that had settled on the bag surface. Can also use boiling water with the material in a mason jar in boiling water. Water boils at 212F so it's a perfect temp. Just make sure the cap on the jar is loose enough to allow pressure to escape otherwise the jar may pop

    The isopropyl has to be fully evaporated afterward it's done it job

    The water may inhibit decar

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