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  • How to Make a Carbon Fiber Cell Phone Case

    The first epoxy coating in Step 3 was about 2 coats. You want enough epoxy to keep your CF shaped how you want but not an excessive amount where it will be dripping. On Step 6, I put one generous coat, but I'm sure it depends on the epoxy you choose. This one thick coat was enough to give my phone the glossy look I was going after.

    I would have to get back to you on where the supplies were purchased as I was not the one who ordered them. For the mold, I'm sure you can make a reusable mold, but I wanted the phone case to curve around and cover the front of the phone as well. In this case, after you vacuum the CF onto the mold, it's difficult to remove the mold without messing up the case. For me, making the mold brittle and breaking it after forming the case was the best option.

    I have not had any problems with phone signal. Try finding out where the internal "antenna" on your phone is and perhaps leave that area of your phone uncovered.

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