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  • Keeping Cavies Healthy ( i.e. Guinea Pigs ) - PETS

    hi....guys...I hv 4 guiinea pigs babies ,all female..around 3 months of them somehow managed to jump out of the cage...while we were out somewhere ..when we came back we found her exhausted...itz been 24 hours now.....she seems weaker,..almost no activity...I had her hand fed.she ate some hay n pellets..but itz not the same pig now...SHEZ collapsing...her voice has gone...only air comes out when she tries to wheek...shez not running around in the cage...I have put fleece now in place of sawdust that I had before....I hv taken her to a vet but here where I live...nobody has any knowledge about guinea the bottomline is guinea pig is dying and I don't hv any access to a good exotic vet..PLEASE REPLY ASAP...ny medicine if I could give her

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