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  • GordonM19 commented on ins_rakesh's instructable DIY Digital Microscope10 months ago
    DIY Digital Microscope

    Nice attempt , but I have 2 observations here. 1) Assuming that this is indeed USB bus powered , how many milliamps are you pulling from the bus powering the camera and the LEDs ?2) You do not control LED brightness this way. The way you have done it gives you very little control. You need to control the input voltage to them by using a PWM input signal. You can use a simple 555 to give a fixed frequency variable duty cycle waveform to adjust the brightness.This can also reduce the amount of current draw on the USB bus..Good Job!

    Super , im glad I can help.. Whatever you do , dont forget , enjoy it!

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  • GordonM19 commented on TSJWang's instructable DIY Arduino Mega 2560 or 12802 years ago
    DIY Arduino Mega 2560 or 1280

    If you can get and install KiCad , I will give you the whole package... will that help you?

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