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  • GreggS9 commented on fred.lam.5201's instructable A Marking Gauge You Can't Buy2 years ago
    A Marking Gauge You Can't Buy

    I was taught how to use a marking gauge when I was 12. You tighten the screw when you have the approximate measurement and then you tap one end or the other as you measure the distance between the marker and the rest. You get a very accurate measurement. My simple one that I've had for quite a number of years doesn't have a rule on it. I've always just used the system my woodworking teacher showed us.

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  • GreggS9 commented on jenfoxbot's instructable How to Use a (Simple) Oscilloscope!2 years ago
    How to Use a (Simple) Oscilloscope!

    I was hoping to see some information on practical ways of using this tool - I built one myself a couple of months ago. I'm still learning about electronics and would like to see some instruction on how to use it for fault testing or whatever else you use these things for.

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