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  • Great work! I built my own version in an hour and your code worked perfectly.I have one small issue though. I'm using two 2-digit displays instead of one 4-digit, so I don't have the central dots between hour and minute. Instead, a single decimal point lights for the second digit. I guess this is set by this part of the code:shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, LSBFIRST, ~B10000000); //Set LEDs of double dotsIs there any way to also make the decimal point for digit to also light at this time? That way I can rotate my second 2-digit display by 180 degrees to recreate the double dots.

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  • That's a shame. It's this lack of basic functionality that prevents me from using Android.

    Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above have support for external DACs. The Linux kernal that Android is built on can support surround sound. Therefore, there's no reason why Android can't control surround sound; whether that's 4/5/6 independent channels, or just front/back and left/right fading. Why on earth would I want a separate fading knob in my car if I've already installed a tablet or PC?My carPC runs Windows 7, because it can do all of these things. The car's original audio system from 2001 could do all of these things. So Android, it seems, isn't even a 21st Century operating system yet.

    Hi. I installed a similar CarPC with a 5 channel amp (4 speakers + sub), but I can't find any android apps that support surround sound. What app/software/DAC are you using to support your 4-channel amp?

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