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  • How to Control X10 Devices With Amazon Echo or Google Home

    Surely not. Alexa connects to the physical network via wireless, where your computer hosting HA Bridge is connected. It then sends the wireless signal (radio wireless, not computer network wireless) through the firecracker module to the X10 receiver, which is plugged into the wall. The X10 receiver then relays the signal to the house wiring to control the X10 lamp/appliance modules. The X10 modules themselves are not wireless.So as long as all of the components are on the same physical and logical network, it should not matter. In fact, I would prefer wired anyway just to rule out possible connectivity issues that can occur with wireless connections that cannot happen with wired.

    Hello,What about the different X10 modules? There are very specific types for appliances and lights and also for newer and older modules that support soft on/off. The X10 application will not activate the module if you don't choose the correct type.

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